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Vend-Analytics Server

Vend-Analytics is comprised by GSM transceivers installed in vending machines, on-site equipment and software. The kernel of the system is the Vend-Analytics server application (VA-Server) processing requests from GSM transceivers and client applications and providing communication with the database. Vend-Analytics is fully compatible with the following database management systems: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Firebird (freeware).

To enable SMS notifications and sending/receiving configuration messages, the Vend-Analytics server is connected to a GSM modem.

Users can either be connected to the remote server allocated by Vend-Lab, or to the local proprietary serer installed in your office.

GSM Transceivers

Installed transceivers communicate with the vending machines via the EVA-DTS protocol or a protocol developed by Saeco International Group. Every transceiver is equipped with a clip-on keyboard with indicators, which display transceiver-server and transceiver-machine connection status, and three service buttons: Service, Loading, Collection.

The Service button is used for sending information about operator’s visiting a point of sales to the server. The Collection button is used for money collection procedure. Clicking the button initiates reading of sales statistics and sends the result to the server. Auditing executed upon the moment of money collection makes it possible to calculate as precisely as possible the cash balance in the vending machine before money collection. Clicking the Loading button means vending machine is in the loading process. After the sales statistics is read and sent to the server, the snack vending machines are considered to be fully loaded. Information on cells partially loaded, if there are, has to be entered in the system manually on the basis of the report provided by loader.

Transceivers connect to the Vend-Analytics server via GPRS channels, which accounts for low data exchange costs. Automatic scheduled requests are used to control balances of SIM cards used in vending machines. Similar requests are scheduled for the SIM cards used in the GSM modem used by the server.


The software is aimed at vending machines status control, management accounting, and data analysis and system administration.

All Vend-Analytics users have their own password protected accounts and all changes made to vending machines parameters are being logged. Roles-based security system allows for advanced user permissions management.

Automatic Software Updates

All system components including GSM transceivers have their software updates schedule (set by the administrator), which allows to eliminate the system downtime during office hours.

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