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Vend-Analytics provides an advanced analysis options, including information on money and goods flows and balances by vending machines, operators, warehouses, cash registers and bank accounts, allowing you to control mutual payments between contacting parties. All these features allow the user to create vertical and horizontal grouping fields, sort and filter the data, and hide and create extra fields in reports.

The system provides a wide choice of analytical tools for any type of source data (documents, reference books, their table parts, and event logs), including creation of extra fields, sorting and filtering of records, generation of pivot tables and combined reports.

Extra Fields

Sometimes it is necessary to analyze the data which is not explicitly presented in the source data table, but which can be unambiguously defined for each table record. It such situations we offer the mechanism of extra fields creation.

The pictures illustrate how you can display item number and calculate the difference between sales sum and cost price upon executing sales analysis.

More complex logics can be implemented using SQL syntax.

Filtering of Records

Sometimes you need only records with certain parameters displayed, and this is where the records filtering comes in handy.

You can filter extra fields created earlier and use a complex filtering algorithm based on SQL syntax.

Pivot Tables

Aggregated data can be analyzed in many different ways by means of pivot tables. The already created pivot tables can be filtered in many different ways and have extra fields added.

The data in pivot tables may be displayed as diagrams, bar charts and pie charts.

It is possible to save the report you created to view it later or place it in the shortcut menu. The author of the report can assign different user permissions to flexibly control access to the file.

Combined Reports

Combined reports are combinations of two or more pivot tables. This mechanism allows you to consolidate data from various sources and then display in one place information on purchases and sales of some goods during a selected period.

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